So you want to make a donation to a charity using twitter? To get started get on to twitter on your mobile or whatever and send a tweet like this:

Of course you change the @twittername bit to whatever charity you want to donate to (like @meningitistrust for example) and you can donate more than £5 if you like. Or less. The minimum donation is £2 but that's because if it's less than that it's a bit of a drag to process.

Once you've sent the tweet we'll get our trained squirrels to look up the charity's account details and send you a personalised link to complete the donation. The donation is processed by JustGiving, they process millions of pounds of donations so are completely secure, and they'll even help make sure that Gift Aid is claimed so the charity may receive more than you actually donate.
If you are with a charity or want to use twitter to fundraise for a charity then there is a simple three step process to get you up and running taking donations via twitter.

You'll need to be registered with JustGiving because they handle the money for us, they're trusted with millions of pounds of charity money every year and will ensure that stuff like Gift Aid is sorted.

First step is to log in with your Twitter account; don't worry though, we don't get your password and we'll not mess about with your twitter account. All we want to do is check that you actually own the account.